We regret to inform our customers we have closed our business effective November 12, 2018. SIG Mfg. will provide all service and support to SIGPlanes customers moving forward and purchases still in process will be shipped directly from SIG Mfg. headquarters in Iowa, USA.

SIG Mfg., Seagull Models & Alien Aircraft products remain available from SIG Mfg.

Please contact SIG Mfg. with any questions:
Phone: (641) 623-5154
Email: mail@sigmfg.com



Thank you to our thousands of customers who made SIGPlanes.com the premier online retailer of SIG Mfg. aircraft. SIGPlanes.com began as a group of SIG enthusiasts determined to share the excitement, experience, and story of SIG Manufacturing Airplanes with today’s RC pilots and modelers. SIG is one of the pillar companies in the history of radio control airplanes, renowned for their performance, quality, and craftsmanship. The legendary SIG Airplane Kits continue to be manufactured by SIG Manufacturing in Montezuma, Iowa and are available to discriminating radio-control plane hobbyists. Under the direction of a new ownership and management group, SIG reestablished its legendary status in the model aircraft industry. We at SIGPlanes.com consulted & worked together with SIG Mfg. and the late AMA Hall of Famer Mike Gretz to provide online customers with direct online access to their extensive inventory of world-class Almost Ready-To-Fly (ARF) Planes, Airplane Kits, and other popular SIG products. SIGPlanes.com was the first place that you could order the new SIG T-Clips EP, SIG T-Clips 70, SIG Kadet Senior Sport, SIG Somethin’ Xtra, SIG Kadet Seniorita, and SIG Rascal 80 ARF.

SIGPlanes.com was founded under the direction of Matt Stelter and his team of digital experts. Stelter established himself professionally as a nationally-respected digital marketer in his roles with Colony Brands and Drs. Foster & Smith Pet Supplies. In his personal life, he established Wyndlair Collies as one of the top breeders of Champion AKC Rough Collies located in Wisconsin. With his wife, Anita Stelter, they operate Wyndlair Collies as a small breeding program that consistently produced #1 ranked (All Systems – Hawkins, Canine Chronicle, Show Sites) show dogs in many countries, including the #1 ranked Collie in the USA in 2011, 2012 & 2014. Wyndlair Collies consistently compete for top honors at the U.S. Collie National each year.

SIG Almost Ready-To-Fly (ARF)

SIG ARFs allow you to fly a SIG R/C Airplane in a fraction of the time of a balsa kit airplane, but with the same quality and performance. The T-Clips, Somethin’ Xtra, Kadet LT-40 & Rascal ARFs offer premium (AAA) laser-cut SIG Balsa Wood, high-quality hardware, and the same craftsmanship and precision fit you expect to find in a SIG Mfg. Airplane Kit. ARFs require only simple assembly prior to their maiden flight, and SIG instruction manuals are the gold-standard of the model airplane industry. Don’t settle for a foam imitation from a toy company. Demand the BEST in balsa RC planes – A precision-built legend from a model aircraft leader!

ARF – RC Trainers

SIG Almost Ready-to-Fly Trainer Airplanes bring SIG quality and craftsmanship in ARF form. More RC pilots have learned to fly with a SIG Kadet Trainer Planes than any other RC trainer. The reason why is simple – SIG trainers are the highest-quality, easiest-flying, most forgiving trainers in the industry. And, unlike other trainer planes that are quickly outgrown, SIG trainers will provide years of enjoyment and excitement as your flying skills develop. The SIG Kadet LT-40 remains the most enjoyable trainer plane ever designed. SIG Almost Ready-To-Fly (ARF) airplanes will get you in the air in a fraction of the time of a model airplane kit. More RC Pilots will point to a SIG Model Airplane as the best RC Trainer Airplane than any other. Find out for yourself what the SIG difference is all about – LEARN TO FLY WITH THE LEGEND!

ARF – Sport Models

SIG Sport Almost Ready-To-Fly Planes bring you SIG performance with ARF convenience! The Sport ARF category is the deepest group of SIG planes with the legendary RASCAL and 4-STAR models, as well as the all-new EDGEtra EP, T-CLIPS and SBach. SIG Sport models allow you to scratch your aerobatic itch, while still maintaining the notorious SIG trainer landing characteristics. Buy a 4-STAR, RASCAL, EDGEtra, T-CLIPS or SBACH ARF, and it will be your favorite everyday flyer for the next decade. FLY THE LEGEND!


SIG Mfg. is the undisputed leader in Radio Control (RC) Airplane Kits, constructed from premier laser-cut SIG Balsa Wood, high-quality components, and an unparalleled level of craftsmanship and attention-to-detail. SIG continues to manufacturer kits for the discriminating RC pilots, and is committed to preserving the kit-building hobby with quality designs, construction and balsa wood. Beware of what has become other RC plane companies’ afterthought. Choose a SIG radio-controlled airplane kit from SIGPlanes.com to ensure your satisfaction!

SIG RC Kits – Trainers

SIG Trainer Kadet Kits have launched the lifetime passion of more RC airplane hobbyists than any other model airplane in history! The reason is simple – no other airplane kit offers the quality, craftsmanship and flight capabilities of a SIG Kadet kit. Whether you choose a Kadet Senior, Seniorita, LT-40 or Mark II, you are choosing a pillar model of the RC airplane industry. If you are looking for a kit to provide you with the ultimate experience in construction and flight – Fly The Legend!

SIG RC Kits – Sport Models

The list of iconic SIG Sport Plane Kits will bring fond memories to almost every RC pilot…SIG Four-Star, Somethin’ Extra, Rascal, Astro Hog, Hog Bipe, Wonder, Mid-Star, Kougar Mark II, Kobra, King Kobra, Fazer, and more! It was upon these historic models that the SIG legend was built. SIG still manufactures these model airplanes for today’s discriminating kit builders and they are available through SIGPlanes.com. Fly The Legend!

SIG RC Kits – Scale Models

It is an exciting decision to step-up to a Scale Model Airplane Kit. SIG has you covered with full line of quality nostalgic models including the Piper J-3 Cub, Smith Miniplane, Clipped Wing Cub, SIG Citabria, SIG Spacewalker, Ultimate Bi-plane & more! Bigger IS Better, and SIG Scale Kits have all of the quality, craftsmanship and performance that have forged SIG’s name into the laurels of RC airplane history.

SIG RC Kits – Control Line

SIG proudly continues to produce the finest Control Line (C/L) Airplane Kits. SIG Control Line airplane kits are easy-to-build balsa profile models. Most kits include hinges, nylon bell crank, control horn, formed wire pushrods, decals, and detailed instructions. Where applicable, the canopy and formed wire landing gear are also included. If you are a Control Line airplane enthusiast, treat yourself to a SIG Control Line Airplane!

SIG RC Kits – Pioneers of Flight

SIG Pioneers of Flight series provides a scale-like experience straight out of the history books of flight. The Demoiselle, Antionette & Deperdussin Kits are made to fly indoors or in no-wind conditions. They offer a unique way to recapture the magic of early flight. Fly The Legend!

SIG RC Kits – Sailplanes

SIG offers a select group of Sailplane Kits for the novice and amateur soar-flyer. The Riser, Riser 100 and Ninja provide three quality glider choices that boast premium SIG Balsa Wood construction and easy-to-build design. The Riser models are a perfect introduction into the sport. For the more experience glider pilot, the Ninja offers aerobatic excitement for sloap soaring. Fly The Legend!

SIG RC Kits – Free Flight

SIGPlanes.com offers a wide variety of Free Flight (F/F) Airplane Kits for everyone from aspiring airplane kit builders to Boy Scouts to just those big kids at heart! SIG Free Flight kits contain high-quality SIG Balsa Wood, propeller, contest rubber motor, covering material, and SIG’s renowned fully-detailed building and flying instructions. Where applicable, the landing gear and wheels are also included. Free Flight airplane kits are the perfect way to introduce people of all ages to the beauty of flight!

Seagull Models

Seagull Models have RC PLANES to suit the radio-control plane beginner pilot, the sport flier, and the expert thrasher. All of Seagull’s premium models feature lightweight balsa and plywood construction, with each model expertly covered with genuine UltraCote® polyester film. State-of-the-art laser cutting, injection molding, vacuum forming, and CNC manufacturing ensure quality with every aspect of model aircraft production. For the RC pilot with a moderate level of building experience, Seagull offers well-built, unique ARF airframes at value prices!
Seagull Models has specialized in designing and manufacturing Almost Ready-To-Fly (ARF) RC model aircraft since 1998, and today are one of the largest and most experienced model manufacturers. In 2014, SIG Manufacturing was named the exclusive distributor of SEAGULL MODELS in the United States and Canada. SIGPlanes offered direct access to the Seagull Models inventory in the SIG warehouses in Iowa. Previously available only through HORIZON HOBBY, we will continue to add new models at Seagull brings them to market.

Alien Aircraft

In 2016, SIG Manufacturing acquired ALIEN AIRCRAFT and their premium line of RC airplane kits designed by model aircraft expert Tom Herr. SIGPlanes.com was the new home for Alien Aircraft – Classic Model Designs from Tom Herr – after SIG Mfg. acquired the brand. The Alien brand added another distinguished name to the list under the SIG family of brands.
Alien Aircraft kit planes, classic model designs from Tom Herr, have earned a reputation for unsurpassed craftsmanship and performance. They have always been Made in the U.S.A…and are now produced at the legendary SIG headquarters in Montezuma, Iowa. Fly with Pride!

SIG RC Accessories

SIGPlanes.com has carefully selected accessories to perfectly complement the SIG airplanes. PHOENIX EDGE Electronic Speed Controls are SIG’s favorite choice for ESCs in the new SIG ARFs. They offer cutting-edge performance with incredible lightweight.
We also offer a wide variety of APC PROPELLERS, ensuring the perfect match for each of the SIG planes. APC (Advanced Precision Composites) continues to push the envelope in model airplane propellers in design and composition. We highly recommend these propellers to maximize the capabilities of your SIG airplane.

SIG Parts

SIGPlanes.com offers a wide variety of traditional SIG ARF parts and accessories for the legend series of ALMOST READY-TO-FLY SIG plane models, including the SIG Kadet Senior, Kadet LT-40, Kadet EP 42B, Rascal 110, and Rascal 72. Parts include replacement wings, landing gear, fuselages, motors, motor mounts, fuel tanks, decals and more. Whether you are looking to repair a minor landing mishap or making an update to your favorite SIG flyer, SIGPlanes.com has the ARF parts you need.

SIG Kit Materials

SIGPlanes.com carries all the required airplane building materials to help you get your new SIG ARF in the air! From SIG GLUE & ADHESIVES, glue applicator tips to adhesive mixing sticks, epoxy brushes, epoxy spreaders, t-pins and razor blades, we have you covered.SIGPlanes.com carries all the required airplane building materials to help you get your new SIG ARF in the air! From SIG GLUE & ADHESIVES, glue applicator tips to adhesive mixing sticks, epoxy brushes, epoxy spreaders, t-pins and razor blades, we have you covered.

SIG Adhesive & Glues

SIG Glues and Adhesives have set the bar for kit builders for years. There is a SIG CA (cyanoacrylate – pronounced “sigh-ano-ack-relate”) glue for every application. We also carry canopy glue (RC-56), CA accelerator, CA debonder, epoxy, glass resin, and more.

SIG Kit Building Materials

In Kit Building Supplies you will find everything you need to get your new SIG airborne! Products include adhesive mixing sticks, epoxy brushes & spreaders and more.

SIG Field Equipment

Ensure your weekend fly-in is a success with SIG Field Equipment. From flight boxes to balancers to RC flight shirts, SIGPlanes has everything you need for your day at the flight field!

What is CA Glue?

CA Glue, or cyanoacrylate glue (pronounced sahy-uh-noh-ak-ruh-leyt), is widely used in the RC model aircraft hobby. It acts as both as an adhesive and gap filler for remote control airplane kits and Almost Ready-to-Fly (ARF) model aircraft. A common question from RC beginners is, “What is CA glue?” Here is some information about CA glue, the different types, and use recommendations to help make a good choice on which glue would be most suitable for different RC plane projects.

History of Super Glue (Cyanoacrylate)

First, let’s share some historical perspective on the origins of CA glue. As with many timeless inventions, cyanoacrylate glue was discovered by accident. The original CA glues were discovered in 1942 by a team of scientists, led by HARRY COOVER, JR., who was looking for a suitable adhesive for plastic gun sights. What they discovered, however, was a formula that would stick to everything it came in contact with. They set aside the experiment based on it not being a good fit for what they needed. The formula was later sold to EASTMAN KODAK as the adhesive known as “Eastman #910”. During the 1960s, Kodak sold the cyanoacrylate formula to LOCTITE and by 1971 they had developed their own technology and marketed it as “Super Bonder” and modern day super glue was born! Today, CA glue is manufactured and sold by a number of companies in the RC hobby, including SIG Mfg., Bob Smith, Zap and Great Planes.

Types of CA Glue

The applications for CA glue in the model aircraft hobby are endless. It can be used in any situation to bond parts where epoxy is not advised. Cyanoacrylate typically comes in three formulas or thicknesses:
• THIN CA GLUE, or plain CA, is most similar to the super glue found in local convenience stores. This version is going to be the “instant” variety and can be used for tack gluing due to its nearly immediate set-up time.
• MEDIUM CA GLUE, or “Gap Filling” CA, is typically used for filling small gaps or crevices as needed and for general gluing. It sets up a little bit slower than Thin CA so there is time to drop a bead or two of glue down before gluing parts together. If using an accelerator, it will set in 20-30 seconds.
• THICK CA GLUE – This is the best choice when extra positioning time is needed. It also works great as a gap filler or for adding extra strength to balsa wood or plywood. This version has a cure time of 1-2 minutes.

Foam-Safe CA Glue

One quick word of caution, most CA glue is NOT safe to apply to foam. The chemical compounds contained in many CA glues will melt foam just as if a flame was held to it. This is important to keep in mind with the growing popularity of today’s foam ARF/RTF airframes, particularly with beginning RC pilots. Because of foam airplanes, some CA glue manufacturers have developed “foam-safe” CA glue. Make sure to check the label on CA glue to ensure it is safe to apply to foam, and even if it is labeled for foam, it is generally a good idea to test it in a hidden location to make sure it won’t damage the particular model. Many plane models come with extra foam blocks or sections inside the fuselage that are created when the airframes are produced. Just cut a small corner off and test the CA glue with it.

CA Glue Applicators

The proper application of CA glue is important to ensure the quality of the bond. Depending on the formula and application (adhesion, filler, etc.), the amount and placement of the CA glue will determine success. Most CA glue is sold in containers with an application tip cap. However, after the initial use, these tips will “glue shut,” requiring the tip be cut open even further. Over time, this will cause the application of the glue to be too heavy. A wise investment for optimal application is to invest in a pack of CA glue APPLICATOR TIPS. Rather than continuously cutting the applicator tips down and down, simply install a new applicator tip on the CA glue bottle to ensure optimal application.

CA Glue Accelerators

Accelerators can be used in conjunction with CA glue for faster cure times. It should be applied as a mist or spray, and not applied heavily on the joint being glued. One drawback to using CA GLUE ACCELERATOR is that it does not allow the CA glue to penetrate the wood before it cures. And, in some cases, it may cause it to bubble and discolor. Also, if the accelerator is being used on a foam RC plane, ensure the accelerator is also “foam safe.”

CA Glue Debonder – How to Remove the Mess!

So what happens if CA glue accidentally gets on the covering of an RC airplane, or worse yet, the kitchen counter? No problem. CA DEBONDER is a liquid containing acetone which breaks down CA glue. This allows that drip or splash of CA glue to be removed safely from UltraCote covering or other delicate surfaces. Unlike pure acetone, CA Debonder does not leave a white haze or won’t potentially damage plane covering material. To be safe, it is always best to test a little CA Debonder in a small, hidden location to ensure it won’t damage the plane.

Cautions about CA Glue

CA glues are non-toxic, but they can release fumes that are flammable and may be irritating to eyes and skin. Use caution and ensure it is used in a well-ventilated or outdoor area to avoid issues. One warning – be careful not to get CA glue on fingers. CA glue will bond skin together in a matter of seconds. If this occurs, use CA debonder or another simple acetone liquid to break down the glue.


CA glue is an important “tool” in the model aircraft hobbyist’s flight box. Select the correct CA glue for the specific use case to ensure success. SIGPlanes.com carries a full line of hobby adhesives and they all can be purchased at www.sigplanes.com. Enjoy your model aircraft builds!
About the Author: Joe Vermillion is nationally-respected in the RC airplane hobby for his strong knowledge of model aviation, highly-honed flight skills, and dedication to the hobby. He has been associated with a number of top flight teams in his career, and now leads the SIG Pro Team. Most summer weekends will find him at a Midwest fly-in sharing his passion for RC planes with others – and looking for a new person to introduce into the hobby.

SIG RC Fly-In – Glen & Hazel Sig’s Famed Airstrip, Montezuma, Iowa

Each June, RC pilots and hobbyists from all over the Midwest will gather on the hallowed grounds of Hazel Sig’s airstrip in Montezuma, Iowa for the Annual SIG RC Fly-in. This is the very field where Hazel and her late husband, Glen, based their famed aerobatic flight show hangar, while running their historic RC airplane business, SIG Manufacturing, just a mile down the road. Hazel and Glen founded SIG in 1951, and it is going strong in 2018! At 96 years of age, Hazel Sig is sure to come down to the flight line to visit with fan and sign autographs.

2016 SIG RC Airplane Event

The SIG Annual Fun Fly is an AMA Sanctioned event, and is open to all types of RC model airplanes – glow, gas and electric-powered aircraft. SIG airplanes are not required – all r/c airplane brands are welcome. The SIG fly-in features fun fly events and special prize drawings for pilots. All of the current SIG Airplanes will be on display for you to see and fly. Also, the new Seagull Models and Alien Aircraft airplanes will be showcased.

Mike Gretz Memorial Fly-In

The SIG Fly-In take on an even more special and reflective tone, being renamed in honor of Mike Gretz, former VP of SIG, Lead R&D Engineer, and 42-year employee of SIG Mfg. As a designer, he brought to market many of the most successful SIG models over the year. Under his leadership, SIG was the first manufacturer in the RC airplane industry to produce laser-cut model plane kit, as well as the first ARF. He also guided SIG into the computer age, always realizing that technology was a key to the future. As an AMA Hall of Fame member, he had a long list of accolades and distinguished performance awards for his participation on United States teams and World Championship competition in various forms of RC flight. Mike was a huge fan of SIGPlanes.com, and worked in tandem with the SIGPlanes.com team to move SIG into the digital age. Most importantly, he was kind and generous man, beloved by his family, friends, co-workers and fellow hobbyists.

RC Fly-In Details

Pre-registrations by mail is recommended. On-site registration check-in opens at 8:00 AM CST, and the pilots meeting will be at 10:00 AM CST on Friday, and 9:00 AM CST on Saturday. Food, concessions and the SIG Mfg. retail trailer will be available on site. The entry fee will be $15.00 per pilot. For more information and an Entry Form, contact: Bob Nelson, Contest Director or go to SIG Mfg. website: www.sigmfg.com.

Aero-Picnic: On-Site Saturday Evening

Once again, registered pilots and their families will enjoy a free on-site “Aero-Picnic” of fresh-grilled hamburgers, beans, chips, dessert, and drinks on Saturday night. Also, the plan is for ERIK EDGREN to dazzle the crowd with a private airshow in the original full-scale T-Clips! Great fun!


1) All applicable AMA and FAA regulations governing the pilot, his aircraft and equipment, and his conduct while on the field will be enforced. Consideration for the safety of spectators, fun fly personnel, and other flyers is of the utmost importance. Any hazardous flying over a controlled spectator area will be cause for
immediate grounding.
2) This event is a family-style Fun Fly, with the emphasis on safe fun flying and camaraderie. There will be ample open flying opportunities for all registered pilots. This is not a contest.
3) This Fly-In is AMA sanctioned. You must show a valid AMA license when you check in at the flying site. If you are not currently an AMA member, new AMA membership applications will be available at the site.
4) Each registered pilot may bring and fly as many different R/C model airplanes as he wishes, as long as each model meets all pertinent AMA guidelines. Maximum engine size is 6.0 cu.in. Maximum weight with fuel is 55 pounds.
5) All AMA legal frequencies will be allowed at this Fly-In. This includes the use of all 50 channels (both odd and even numbers) in the entire 72 mhz. and 2.4 ghz. band. In over 40 years of R/C activity, there have been no known frequency issues at SIG FIELD.
6) All transmitters and receivers must meet narrow-band standards. As part of the registration form, the pilot will sign a statement indicating that his radio equipment meets the guidelines for narrow-band operation.
7) Safety first! Each contestant is required to have a spotter/pitman with him at all times while on the flight line.
8) The SIG Field is located 1-1/2 miles south of Montezuma, Iowa on U.S. 63. Montezuma is located 8 miles south of Exit 191 off Interstate 80. It is approximately 60 miles east of Des Moines and 110 miles west of Davenport. The address is 5119 Highway 63. SIG Field Latitude: 41.54984 N Longitude: -92.53518 W
9) Pre-registration is encouraged. You may obtain an official entry form from:
SIG Mfg., R/C Contest, P.O. Box 520, Montezuma, IA 50171-0520. Email: bobnelson@sigmfg.com. Visit: www.sigmfg.com
Events for the 2018 SIG R/C Fly-In
Fly anything! Details at the field.
This is an airborne version of musical chairs and will be flown in rounds. Up to 6 contestants get airborne and orbit away from field. At the sound of the horn they must do a touch and go. Last man down and any that can’t go are eliminated. Continue until only one man left. Winner of the heat advances to next round.

Five Card Draw Game to encourage airtime for all flyers and make a better show for spectators. Rules will be made available at the SIG Field.
SATURDAY NIGHT SLOW-FLY: For all electric park and slow flyers
From 7:00 P.M. until dark is reserved for slow flying only. Bring your park and slow fliers and enjoy an evening of silence.
This is your invitation to celebrate SIG!
We invite you to join us in Iowa in June to celebrate the history and future of SIG airplanes! Come Fly With Us!